Marketing Communications
Strategic content for cybersecurity,
compliance, privacy, and online safety

Deep understanding and quality execution

I’m an independent marketing communications consultant with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, and online safety. When I plan a campaign or create content, I go deeper by studying the entire environment—the technology, competition, media, and regulation. I enjoy driving a collaborative process and getting people with diverse perspectives aligned on shared goals. The results I get distill complex technical and regulatory topics into straightforward, relatable content that gets noticed. My work includes driving multi-part campaigns, managing web sites, conducting public relations, and creating content of all types.

Engaging Content

I write content that makes the obscure engaging and gets noticed. I have written papers, e-books, data sheets, blog and social media posts, presentations, and web site copy.  

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Strategic Projects

I drive large, integrated projects involving multiple deliverables. My work has included product launches, thought leadership campaigns, and website management.  

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Insightful Analysis

I love conducting research. I perform trendspotting reports, media analyses, content audits, and policy analyses.

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