I specialize in marketing for cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, and online safety. I offer a range of services, from full campaign management to copywriting. With every engagement, I conduct thorough research, drive a collaborative process with stakeholders, and deliver a quality product that aligns with client expectations and needs.

Engaging Content

I write content that makes the obscure engaging and gets noticed. I have written papers, e-books, data sheets, blog and social media posts, presentations, and website copy. Below are some examples of my work.

Data Residency, Data Sovereignty, and Compliance in the Microsoft Cloud. This paper was the first to integrate the data residency, data sovereignty, and compliance aspects of Microsoft’s main cloud services: Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. The project involved extensive research and collaboration with dozens of engineers, attorneys, and marketers across Microsoft. The result is a readable, comprehensive guide for decision makers looking to adopt or expand their use of cloud services.

Microsoft Azure Enables a World of Compliance. I worked with a graphics firm to create this e-book of maps illustrating the depth and breadth of Azure’s compliance offerings. Each page featured a map that showed the compliance offerings and Microsoft datacenters for individual countries and regions. Field sales repurposed the maps in presentations to customers, giving them an easy, clear view of their compliance posture in every Azure region.

Enabling Data Residency and Data Protection in Microsoft Azure Regions. I partnered with a group of Azure engineers on this more technical paper for IT administrators. The paper addresses the details administrators need to manage data residency and meet data protection obligations using Azure. This popular paper is now in its third edition.

Strategic Projects

I drive large, integrated projects involving complex content and multiple deliverables. My work has included product launches, thought leadership campaigns, and website management. Below are some examples of my work.

The Microsoft Trust Center. Collaborating with hundreds of professionals across Microsoft, I created and managed this website which unified trust-related resources across Microsoft enterprise cloud services. The Trust Center offers a rich set of resources, including in-depth information about security, privacy, and compliance offerings, policies, features, and practices across Microsoft cloud products. 

Cyberspace 2025: Today’s Decisions, Tomorrow’s Terrain. I directed the marketing of this large thought leadership campaign, which used an innovative model to reveal potential cyber trends and projections about the future of cyberspace. The campaign included a research paper that I coauthored, a graphic video, an interactive website, social media, PR, advertising, and an event in Brussels.

GDPR Benchmark Assessment tool. With the help of a web vendor, I created this very successful lead-generation campaign. The tool guided customers facing a GDPR compliance deadline through a series of questions. Their answers generated an analysis of the organization’s GDPR readiness along with actionable guidance on preparing for compliance, including implementing Microsoft services.

Insightful Analysis

I love conducting research. I create trendspotting reports, policy analyses, content audits, media analyses, and ongoing reporting. Below are some examples of my work.

Building Global Trust Online: Policymaker Guide to Privacy, Safety, and Security.  I authored this 85-page booklet offering guidance for policymakers addressing privacy, cybersecurity, accessibility, and online safety issues. The booklet covered over 40 topics, each containing an overview of the issue, Microsoft’s response, and policy recommendations. Collaborating with over 100 subject matter experts, I authored three editions of this widely circulated booklet.

Azure compliance documentation. I led this project that curated and centralized all Azure compliance documentation—webpages, data sheets, and white papers from multiple Microsoft web properties. I conducted a thorough content audit, and then led a team that updated or removed outdated content, creating a centralized repository for all content and a vastly improved user experience.

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