Announcing David Burt Marketing LLC

I’ve always wanted to work for myself, so after 17 years at Microsoft, I’m now an independent marketing consultant incorporated as David Burt Marketing LLC. I greatly enjoyed the work I did at Microsoft, where I managed some challenging projects, including the Microsoft Trust Center, and campaigns for online safety, GDPR readiness, and Azure cybersecurity. Now I’m eager to put my experience marketing cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, online safety, and technology policy to work for clients.

I offer a range of services that utilize my experience, including:

  • Engaging Content. I write content that makes the obscure engaging and gets noticed. I have written papers, e-books, data sheets, blog and social media posts, presentations, and website copy. See examples of my work.
  • Strategic Projects. I drive large, integrated projects involving complex content and multiple deliverables. My work has included product launches, thought leadership campaigns, and website management. See examples of my work.
  • Insightful Analysis. I love conducting research. I have created trendspotting reports, media analyses, content audits, and policy analyses. See examples of my work.

Independent consultant is the latest stop in my career journey that so far includes marketer, PR manager, activist, IT manager, and librarian. I’ve had fun in all these careers, and I’m enjoying learning new skills while building my own business, and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Learn more on my website at or download my brochure. Contact me at